Hello Sunshine

Canary Pin set

These super shiny, extra tiny canaries are joining the aviary now to add an extra bit of sparkle and shine to the gang.

Created with loving childhood memories of playing in Grandad Happy's garden, watching the canaries hop about in his aviary. These little pins are now part of my existing Canary jewellery collection, which is a tribute to both my Nanna and Grandad, who cared for those lovely yellow birds.

The pins each measure approx. 10 x 20mm and will perch happily on any lapel, collar or pocket to keep you smiling all day. Wear as a pair or gift one to your bestie because everyone needs a bit of happy birdsong in their life, right?

All shiny little enamel pins come on their own branded backing card and are beautifully packaged up with extra Sunshine vibes ready for their journey onwards.

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12 GBP